A Little About Me

Designer, painter, health coach and lover of good food.

Hi! My background is in Fine Arts from Boston University where I majored in painting. After moving to New York, I began a career in editorial illustration. Some of my proudest work was with The New Yorker.

My experiences led me to graphic design/art direction where I’ve been developing my skills for 22 years, evolving with the constant technological changes.

I love solving design challenges for large agencies and small businesses alike. I also thrive being part of a creative team, especially during launch projects.

For several years I’ve created WordPress websites for clients and for my own projects.

My other interests include health coaching and painting, where I continue to explore color and texture.


Recent Painting

Early Editorial Illustration

INX is a syndicated illustration service where professionals buy and download editorial art. When I first moved to New York, I accidentally met one of the founders of this new group of editorial illustrators and in no time I was contributing to weekly editorial published projects. It was so exciting! I never considered myself political and eventually realized this venue was not the right fit for me, but it was great fun while it lasted.

Each artist would illustrate a hot political topic that was discussed in the room and submit it to INX in a few days. It was then circulated through this syndicate and printed in newspapers around the country. I’ve highlighted my Marcos illustration in red, used in their promotion. View INXart.com today.

The New York Times and INX

Although the quality of the INX reproductions here are less than perfect, they demonstrate how these editorial illustrations might have been used in newspapers. I’ve also included a few illustrations for The New York Times.

Mitterand on shaky ground
Thatcher and the IRA
Reagan as the Pied Piper
Politics of Dukakis and Bush
Tip Crossing the Delaware / Arafat
Commentary on the Space Station
Parody on the Glass Slipper
Ad in the New York Times
New York Times Illustration

Illustrations for The New Yorker

Goings On About Town Section, Charcoal on Paper

Illustration Mix

I’ve included a variety of my early illustrations here. The Greek Cathedral in NYC hosted a yearly boat ride around Manhattan and I created several of the promotional posters to capture this festive event. Other illustrations include holiday cards and caricatures.

Safari Sunset Sail Poster
Moolight on the Mississippi
Greek Cathedral Boatride Poster
Hollywood on the Hudson
Yentl, Barbra Streisand
Tourism in London
Frigid Ski Trip
Reindeer Holiday Card
Snowman Holiday Card

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